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Kami Krisa and Julia Riew in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard

  From Kami: Why I chose the play & the scene: I chose to look at The Cherry Orchard because Chekhov’s plays although satisfying the elements of realism, also manages to overcome its limitations. It communicates more than is said… Continue Reading →

João Paulo Krug Pavia and Jonathan Castillo in Sam Shepard’s True West

Jonathan’s knowledge of this piece was very important, for me. It was part of the reason why we chose it: he could explain to me how he had done it in the past, and the ways in which different performances… Continue Reading →

Isaiah Michalski in David Hare’s Skylight

I chose Skylight by David Hare because the play is both overtly political, but at the same time incredibly nuanced. I believe the play achieves its nuance from its naturalism. In the show the main character Kyra cooks a whole… Continue Reading →

Elle Shaheen in Becky Shaw I’ve often struggled with the idea of realism in theater, more specifically writing a piece of realism. To clarify, I do not struggle with the idea of portraying something “real,” but it’s the oxymoronic idea of theatrical realism that… Continue Reading →

Chloe Saracco in Hot L Baltimore I chose this play, “The Hot L Baltimore,” by Lanford Wilson because Wilson does a stunning job of creating a vignette of the everyday. This play centers around a run down hotel and it’s inhabitants which mostly consist of… Continue Reading →

Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto and Rachel Share-Sapolsky in Stop Kiss

APRIL 1, 2019AMANDASGP1 COMMENT I chose to do these scenes from Stop Kiss with Rachel because I saw this play my junior year of high school and it stuck with me. The awkward flirting and the insecurities on full display… Continue Reading →

Allie Jaffay in Proof

I chose David Auburn’s Proof as my realistic play because as realist plays do, it shows everyday people in an everyday setting with everyday problems. Catherine has to deal with her father’s death, his excited and persistent student Hal, her more successful… Continue Reading →

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