April 16th/Week 11.

Read:  Beckett, Samuel.  Waiting for Godot

Read:  Read Bradby, David.  “Introduction;” “Beckett before Waiting For Godot,” “Waiting for Godot – The Play,” and “The first production: Theatre de Babylone, Paris, January 1953, directed by Roger Blin.”  In Beckett: Waiting for Godot. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001, pp 1-67


Read: Bradby, David.  “Godot in a Political Context”

Bradby-Waiting-For-Godot Bradby-Godot-in-a-political-context

Read:  Thompson, Chris.  “Afterbirth of a Nation: William Pope L.’s Great White Way.” pp 63-90.


Read:  Susan Sontag:

Godot Comes to Sarajevo _ by Susan Sontag _ The New York Review of Books

Reference: https://www.sarajevotimes.com/she-was-the-first-one-who-said-that-genocide-was-happening-in-bh-video/

In Class:

View:  Paul Chan’s production notes for Waiting for Godot in New Orleans  (look at links in all the tabs): http://creativetime.org/programs/archive/2007/chan/welcome.html

Read: Paul Chan:  http://creativetime.org/programs/archive/2007/chan/welcome.html

Watch:  William Pope L.  Great White Way .http://ubu.com/film/pope_white1.html      http://ubu.com/film/pope_white2.html

Watch: Tehching Hsieh  One Year Performance 1981-1982

Watch:  Creative Time: Waiting for Godot in New Orleans https://www.facebook.com/pg/creativetime/videos/