Judith Butler writes, “gender is a stylized repetition of acts .. which are internally discontinuous … so that the appearance of substance is precisely that — a constructed identity, a performative accomplishment which the mundane social audience, including the actors themselves, come to believe and perform in the mode of belief.”

What does this production of Young Jean Lee’s The Shipment tell us about the performativity of  gender and of race?  How does The Shipment implicate genres of theatre and forms of acting in the creation or destruction of those social constructs?  Please use specific examples from the video you have been shown. and ideas from the artists’ work we have viewed throughout the semester and the theorists we have read.

This should be the final post to your blog, posted by May 14th at 5pm.  1000 words MAXIMUM.

If you do a good job you will get a B.  If you do an excellent job you will receive an A on this assignment. Those are the only two grades (unless you don’t turn in the assignment or turn it in late).


The link to the show is here: https://www-ontheboards-tv.ezp-prod1.hul.harvard.edu/performance/theater/the-shipment

You need to be signed into Hollis to be able to use the link.  You can also get to see the shipment by going into databases in Hollis, searching for “on the boards” and then when you are into that video collection, searching for “The Shipment.”