Hello all and thanks for a spirited reading of Cloud Nine today.

We’ll finish the scene when we meet on Friday afternoon, May3rd at:  29 Garden Street (entrance on Chauncey Street) at 2pm.  We will be finished by 4pm.

BEFORE WE MEET ON FRIDAY:  Please send me a paragraph about your experience of our trip to NYC.  Let’s pay it forward for future concentrators.

All posts with comments are due in my Farkas Hall mailbox on May 14th.  And you should post your comments on the other person’s blog to their blog and to yours.

Remember when you all signed up for Tome?  If you sign into our TDM tome website again, you should be able to edit this page.  If you can, sign up directly to read a classmate’s blog.  Only one person can read another’s blog for the purposes of the assignment.  If you have trouble editing this page, just email me and tell me whose blog you’d like to read.  If there is no one signed up, I’ll put your name on the line and it’s yours!  And finally, your “exam” should be a final post to your website.  When you post it, you’re done!  But do check this website once again – I will also write a final wrap up post for all of you to read.

Abrazos.  Debra

Alexandra Jeffay:                Elle Shaheen

Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto:    Alexandra Jeffay

Chloe Saracco:                     Jaspreet Kuar

Devonne Pitts:                       Rachel Share-Sapolsky:

Elle Shaheen:                         Julia Riew
Isaiah Michalski:                  Karalyn Joseph

Joao Paulo Krug Pavia:      Chloe Saracco

Jonathan Castillo:                Peng Zhu 

Jaspreet Kuar:                    Devonne Pitts

Julia Riew:                            Isaiah Michalski

Kami Krista:                          Jonathan Castillo

Karalyn Joseph:                  João Paulo Krug Pavia
Molly Peterson:                   Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto
Peng Zhu:                            Ruva Chigwedere
Rachel Share-Sapolsky:      Kami Krista
Ruva Chigwedere:              Molly Peterson