(and gender)

March 26th/Week 8.  

Modernism (Graham) to The Post-Moderns (Judson) to  European Post-post modern Conceptual Dance

Read:  Selections from Dills, Ann and Ann Cooper Albright (eds.)  xiii- 16, 165-173, 370-383 404-413  421-426 Moving History/Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader.  Wesleyan, 2001.

Dance History Reader excerpts

Read:  Selections from Ana Janevski, Thomas Lax.  Text by Giampaolo Bianconi, Harry CH Choi, Vivian Crockett, Danielle Goldman, Elizabeth Gollnick, Adrian Heathfield, Ana Janevski, Martha Joseph, Thomas Lax, Victor “Viv” Liu, Jenny Harris, Sharon Hayes, Malik Gaines, Benjamin Piekut, Kristin Poor, Julia Robinson, Gloria Sutton.  Judson Dance Theater:  The Work Is Never Done. New York:  The Museum of Modern Art, 2018

Judson Dance Theater excerpts

Listen:  Jerome Bel in conversation with Ana Janevski https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAlfcvHmwDM

In Class:

Watch: Yvonne Rainer “Trio A Pressured”  s://vimeo.com/30563509

Watch (in class):  “Martha Graham” and Yvonne Rainer  Trio  A https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ortnv

Watch (in  class): Jerome Bel’s  Veronique Doisneau  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIuWY5PInFs


Unit 4b:         Plus… Music and Song (sex/gender/race/affective attachments)

April 2nd/Week 9.   

NOTE:  WE HAVE TICKETS FOR BATSHEVA at the BOCH CENTER ON APRIL 6th @8pm in BOSTON.  this is an “opt out” event.  If you don’t intend to use the ticket, please let me know by Tuesday’s class.

Read:  Thomas F. Defrantz, “The Black Beat Made Visible: Hip Hop Dance and Body Power”


Read:   Piper, Adrian. Out of Order, Out of Sight:  Volume 1.: Xenophobia and the Indexical Present, Lectures 1 & 2. 245- 273


Notes on Funk 195-216

Adrian Piper Notes on Funk

.My (Calling) Cards #1 and #2 219-221

My (Calling) Cards #1 and #2

In Class:

Watch (in class):  Adrian Piper.  Funk Lessons Meta-Performance.(1987; 00:42:00) http://www.vdb.org/titles/adrian-piper-what-follows

Watch:  (in class)  SoulTrain:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lODBVM802H8

Attend:   BATSHEVA at the BOCH CENTER ON APRIL 6th @8pm in Boston.