The short scene I choose is from Anton Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, in Act II, before Professor Serebryakov and Yelena Andreevna meet. This actions in my performance piece are not denoted in the script. I, as Serebryakov, wake up in the morning and call for Yelena Andreevna to no avail. I walk up to my desk and look at my itinerary and my writing notes, preparing for the speech to be given later to the family about the selling of the estate.

I choose, or rather create this scene as Serebryakov resembles my paternal grandfather in many ways, and I feel the passion to become him in a realist performance. Before the performance, I reread the entire play and analyzed Serebryakov’s objectives, both in this short scene and overall as a character in the play. I then think of what he would do waking up, how he would call for Yelena Andreevna, his facial expressions, his physical pain, his thoughts and how he would look at a mirror (the camera).