I chose Skylight by David Hare because the play is both overtly political, but at the same time incredibly nuanced. I believe the play achieves its nuance from its naturalism. In the show the main character Kyra cooks a whole meal live on stage and the play is meant to be performed in ‘real time’. The character I played, Edward, is an 18 year old who is as flawed as he is insightful. Thinking about this role, I was thinking of my own habits that aline with Edward’s. I remembered a bag of jelly beans in our common room that I had been snacking on whenever I talked to people, and decided to incorporate it in the scene. The jelly bean falling off was completely accidental, which is why I decided to keep it in the scene. Other than thinking about my own habits I also reread a monologue later in the play in which Edward’s father Tom describes his son’s habits and attitudes to life: angsty, clumsy, self-conscious.