Given what happened in class last Tuesday, we will use the first hour of class to talk about the goals of the class.  This conversation will begin to address the concerns voiced in the last hour of Tuesday’s class, and observations that I have heard from some of you who have corresponded with me in the past two days.  I appreciate that many of you have approached me in person and continue to remain in conversation.

We will review the Poetics in the second part of class.  Because this will be a shorter review of the Poetics, for this one time, I will lecture on the Poetics for the second half of class.  

Your writing prompt for this week is the following:   Please identify and deconstruct a scene in the film Hell House that demonstrates Clifford Geertz’s notion of “deep play.”  You can use (if you’d like) some of the discussion of the film and play in Ann Pellegrini’s article to assist you.

For this week, you have the option of choosing another event which can be considered a performance of deep play.   If you choose this option, explain why this event fits the description and explain the theatrical structure of deep play in the event.